I left work early yesterday to hang out with Break.

I just got to the office. First one here.

The doors, which I usually close on my way out, were wide open, and the copier is jammed.

You know, I do intend for “I keep the office running” to be at least halfway a joke. Maybe it’s less of a joke than I thought…

So I’m probably going to be taking a break from posting Double Solitary Road Trip for a week or so, for a few reasons:

1) Break is gonna be here, and while I’ll probably still be writing every day courtesy of 750words, I’m gonna have better things to do with my time than make sure it’s properly formatted for tumblr every day

2) I’m starting to approach the part of it where I’m sliiiightly less sure what’s going to happen next

But rest assured, I do at least have enough of a plan to continue writing it, and it will remain on my… front burner? It is likely, if my plans all go as planned, that the next time I post it will be when I’ve finalized and consistent-ified it all, put everything into chapters, added place/time notes before appropriate sections like a proper piece of Baccano! writing, etc.

Also, GROSS, the computers in this computer lab only have IE installed. Rude. Extremely rude.

Okay I’ve been rereading 1705 because if I want to sell Lotto Valentino to the Bazaar I’m really going to have to understand the 1700s arc much better

And I haven’t been liveblogging, partially because an embarrassing amount of it would be “I totally missed that my first time through”

But Huey’s “Well, that wasn’t what I planned, but at least this way, that guy probably won’t try to talk to me again” is too completely wrong to let pass without an “Oh, honey.”


a transparent mew to float on your blog!! 


a transparent mew to float on your blog!! 

I am comparatively uninterested in Chane, as I am comparatively uninterested in Crona.

I’m sorry part 6 of Double Solitary Road Trip was pasted twice, I have no idea how that happened. Fixed now.

I~ don’t wanna work,

I just wanna read Baccano! all day


Double Solitary Road Trip part 6 

This time, Huey managed to sleep until his alarm—probably a side effect of being in control of his own blankets. The repetitive little tune from his phone woke Elmer up, too, and once he worked himself free of his self-made cocoon, he yawned and stretched.

“Whose idea was it to start at 9 in the morning on a Saturday? Don’t you academic types believe in sleeping in?”

“Not generally.”

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